Water Activities Vava'u Islands, Tonga, South Pacific

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Water Activities Vava'u  Vava'u: 1841' 60 S 1741' 60 W

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Visitor Facts for visiting in Vava'u Islands, Tonga

Water Activities

This is the best place to see whales in the wild. With its long season and numerous whales of different types and very close proximity to town it is a great place to see whales. There is also a number of operators offering different services.

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Big Game fishing
Some of the world's best big game fishing is only a short boat trip away. Not only is there a high chance of catching the big one but at a very competitive rate.

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Vavau has an abundance of different types of diving which can cater for all tastes. The water in vavau is some of the clearest in the world; it is also well known for its cave dives. Most dive operators can take you snorkeling as well

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Swallows Cave
This huge beautiful cave can be visited by boat only on the end of Kapa Island

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Mariners Cave
This famous underwater cave is well worth the effort needed to swim in. Watch out for hitting the roof when swimming in and out. Fantastic atmosphere inside with fog forming and vanishing on every swell. Hard to find as unmarked and several false caves close by.

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Island Tours boat
One of the great assets Vavau can offer is the ability to visit so many different islands. With 35 of 70 the islands sheltered by the reefs and accessible by small boats. It is still possible to be dropped off on your own island to swim snorkel and explore the day away. There are a number of tour operators offering different types of tours.

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