Getting to Vavau : Vava'u Islands, Tonga, South Pacific

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Getting to Vavau Tonga. Vava'u: 18°41' 60 S 174°1' 60 W

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Visitor Facts for visiting in Vava'u Islands, Tonga

Getting to Vava'u and Ha'apai

   Getting to Tonga by Cruiseship

Please see the calendar for cruisehips that arrive in Tonga.

   Getting around domestically by Air

Nukua’lofa, Haapai , Nui, Eua Real Tonga:

The Tongan Domestic carrier is now With various sized aircraft and schedules set for easy connections with the international arrivals and departures

From Pago Pago (American Samoa to Vava'u) STARTS 2014!! Interisland Air (Samoan Airways) :

Tonga Airports Ltd : Tongatapu Tonga Airports Ltd : Vavau Tonga Airports Ltd : Ha'apai Tonga Airports Ltd : Eua Tonga Airports Ltd : Niuatoputapu Tonga Airports Ltd : Niuafo'ou

  Getting around domestically by ship

There are 2 domestic shipping services but only one does a passenger service. Relatively small boats and the trip can be exciting in rough seas.

Shipping Corporation Polynesia :

UATA Shipping Line - No Vessel at present.

  Leaving by Yacht

A number of yachts leave Vava'u, Ha'apai, Eua and Tongatapu for NZ anytime and will pick up crew - see notices posted on notice boards at any of the following: Cafe Tropicana, Aquarium Cafe, Mermaids, Mariners Cafe, Friends, Billfish etc

  International Flight Schedules

Tonga Airports Ltd : Flight Schedules

Getting Around Vava'u


Taxis Tonga have a 'T' at the beginning of the vehicle's licence plate, 'C' for Car, 'B' for Bus, 'L' for Light Car, 'P' for Public or Government, 'J' for Light Vehicle - okay so we ran out of numbers in 'L'. No taxis are metered.

Some Taxi drivers will say they have no change, so have small notes or agree to pay next time you use them and make a booking - I have had a fare from a Hotel to another hotel and the driver has come back several hours (as agreed) later and drop me at the airport and then taken the money for the entire fare - where else would that happen!

Your driver may suggest an hotel other than the one you have booked for any number of reasons, the accommodation is likely to be paying commission to the driver - beware. But if your looking for a change then INSPECT the place before moving out of course.

Some taxis charge according to the destination, and allow you to make a couple of stops and do some shopping without additional waiting fees, this will normally happen if you use the taxi driver for your entire stay. As with all countries that don't use meters - ask for the price first, if your not happy get another cab....

The Tongan Visitors Bureau sets maximum rates for taxis (cars and vans) which are suppose to be applied to everyone (Official Taxi Rates) but these low rates only seem to be charged to Tongans - not tourists.

Generally accepted taxi charges for tourists are below - pop in to the Labour and Commerce Department, next to the TVB office, and have them explain the difference.

Vava'u taxi Fare - per TVB published Rates
From town to Airport $25TOP - ONE way per TAXI load
From town to Paradise Hotel $30TOP - ONE way per TAXI load
From town Mt. Talau $5TOP - ONE way per TAXI load
From town to Tongan Beach Resort $35TOP - ONE way per TAXI load
From town to Talihau $40TOP - ONE way per TAXI load
From town to Eneio $20TOP - ONE way per TAXI load
From town to Pangai $35TOP - ONE way per TAXI load
Tours - start from $25

Click Here for Official Taxi Rates

Taxi per hour - vary and may include a driver as well.

- Vava'u
Protector Taxis VHF 16 "Protector Taxis"
James 74253
Matthew 8836289
There are 2 Taxi stands in town - one is outside the Chateau Ice-cream stand across the road from the Police Station, and one on the corner opposite the ANZ Bank.