Visa Assistance : Vava'u Islands, Tonga, South Pacific

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Visa Assistance  Vava'u: 1841' 60 S 1741' 60 W

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Visitor Facts for visiting in Vava'u Islands, Tonga

Residency Visa Assistance

1. Business visa (2 years and is renewable).

If you want to have a business in Tonga, you will need a business visa and a minimum capital requirement of TOP $50,000.00 is required. Visas will remain valid while the business is trading/operating.

2. Employment visa (2 years and is renewable).
Employment visa is for those who want a job. The employer must convince the Ministry that there is an authentic need to employ the applicant in the business.

3. Assured income visa (2 years and is renewable).
Assured income visa. This visa allows residency in the Kingdom without employment or business, and it does not allow an applicant to work, study or start a business in Tonga. To qualify you must have income of at least TOP $10,000.00 per annum. Evidence of a current and operational bank account in Tonga; AND Financial Documentation evidencing this income and that the source of such income is bonafide.

Please let me know which kind of visa you wish to apply for.

In any case, you should prepare to obtain: A police record for every member in your family ( over the age 16), 4 recent passport photographs of all Applicants, lots of reference letters from persons who have known the applicant for 5 years (contact details of the referee). All other documents should be originals (marriage certificate, education/training Certificates or transcripts), if copies- they need to be certified.

Prices for the Services are available upon request.

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